Creating Ad Hoc Invoices (CU, YT, GT)

Creating Ad Hoc Invoices (CU, YT, GT)

Invoices can be manually entered within accounts if it is not necessary to generate a customer bill. They are generally for Current Use, Yield Tax, and Excavation/Gravel Tax.

Enter Invoice Batches

Enter/Edit Invoice Batch

To begin a new invoice batch or open an existing payment batch click on the ‘Enter/Edit Invoice Batch’ option.  From here you will be prompted to select an existing batch by clicking on the Ellipses next to Batch No or begin a new batch by clicking on the file cabinet icon.

Batch Editor

Make sure to prefill a Tax Year before creating an Invoice Batch. Tax Period field only pertains if doing an invoice for Property Taxes which will include 1st or 2nd issue/period. 

1.       Exit Invoice Batch

2.       Set View – allows you to customize column display

3.       Kill Batch **This will delete the entire batch and all pending invoices therein

4.       New Invoice

5.       Delete Invoice **This will delete selected invoice

6.       Recall Batch – recall a recurring batch

7.     Save Recurring Batch

8.     Select Property – Will open Property Master List

9.      Add Note

10.     This will appear if a note has been added for the selected invoice

Printing & Posting Invoice Batches

                  1. An invoice Batch Journal must be printed prior to posting a payment batch. 
                              a. Payments > Print Invoice Batch Journal (may be printed in summary or detail)
                              b. Select desired batch
                              c. Print report. The standard payment batch report is called 'ARBTVER.rpt' 
                              d. Once a batch is posted this report cannot be reprinted. 

2. Posting the Batch 
      a. Invoices > Post Invoice Batches 
      b. Select Desired Batch 
      c. The Post AR Invoices window will appear